Chk-chk-Cannes, CJ & a trusted counsel


Photo by Dustin. A. Beatty. Source:
Photo by Dustin. A. Beatty. Source:


Mentoring is an important part of our industry. I’ve learnt so much from my mentors over the years and yes I’ve had many; people from all fields with all sorts of experience. And I believe you never stop needing a mentor, no matter how much experience you have it’s essential to have someone in your life you can bounce ideas off, get guidance from and seek invaluable advice that only a wealth of experience can offer.

When starting out, it helps to have a person to lean on. At the c word, we’ve been mentoring the marketing coordinator at housemouse. She’s a recent graduate with the right mix of enthusiasm and passion to make it in the world of communication. By offering her a little guidance and advice along the way, she’s blossoming and honing her skills to score some big wins for her work place.

You must allow your mentor relationship to develop and change as does your experience. In the beginning it could be about developing and enhancing your skills such as getting advice on press release & proposals… yet while you or your business continues to grow, the relationship can change. For instance, it might become more focused on sharing contacts, providing networking opportunities or even client referrals. Remember, mentoring comes in all shapes and sizes.

And we must not forget, mentoring benefits both parties – you share & exchange ideas, thoughts and skills. This is a chance for the mentoree to provide a fresh perspective.

PRIA director Mr Mark Gold, states, “I think many people assume that mentoring only benefits the person being mentored. A strong mentoring relationship benefits both parties, allowing for an open exchange of ideas and examination of different approaches and methods to dealing with everyday issues. It tests your own conventional thinking and hopefully clears the way for solutions to problems which ultimately bring out the courage of your own convictions.”

How I wish we had intern programs here like they do in America. As a West Wing fan (ok fanatic) I still remember the interns running around helping CJ, Toby, Sam and Will with their comms. Oh to have interned there *sigh*

Mentoring and internships are a also great way to help non profits. People get the chance to work on real campaigns for incredibly worthy organisations that don’t have huge budgets. When a consultancy does pro-bono work for charities this is a great way for a student to learn by doing and working with experience PR pros.

Mentoring is not limited to the communications industry. At a Preston footy field earlier this week we discussed the positive effects of mentoring in social services with a person from the White Lion group. White Lion is an organisation which offers guidance and leadership to our Indigenous youth. It was inspiring to spend some time with them and hear about the amazing programs they are delivering in Victoria.

White Lions program

Since we’re chatting about fostering talent, two new Australian films are flying the flag at the Cannes International Film Festival. Samson & Delilah has been receiving knock-out reviews. Check out their Cannes updates via twitter or better still its currently showing in Australian cinemas. From all reports, this is definitely one of those great Australian films not to be missed. Jane Campion’s Bright Star is also showing at the festival. Cannes is nearing its close, whilst there has been plenty of glamour on the red carpet (yep Bragelina sightings), mixed reviews for Quentin Tarantino’s new film Inglourious Basterds, much hoopla over Lars Von Trier’s AntiChrist, we wait with baited breath for the announcement of this year’s winners.

In keeping with the spirit of all things ‘c’ .. Cannes & now chk-chk-boom. This is a cringe worthy incident that has been getting so much online exposure that the girl in question has had to hire an agent. How unfortunate for the Australian viewing public.

The weekend has come along along super fast… not that the c word crew are complaining. We have cocktails & country outings planned. So enjoy your weekend & we’ll cya next week.

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