C is for Censordyne


The battle between Stephen Conroy and the rest of Australia continues… *sigh* The Federal Government has dug its heels in about introducing an internet filter to combat child pornography and other adult content deemed inappropriate. I must say I am really proud that we may be joining the likes of China and Iran… Yay government censorship!!

GetUp have launched a fantastic campaign to target politicians, their staff and decision makers returning to Canberra for next week’s Parliamentary sitting. GetUp aim to show the ad on all Qantas domestic flights to Canberra. Depending on the level of donations, they also plan to run the ad during Sunday’s Meet the Press.

Check out the ad and lend your support behind this great cause.

Also check out the parody site but in particular the search page. I did a search of chicken and the results made me giggle. Really must commend the GetUp team – their campaigns are always well thought out & well executed. Very impressive guys!

Picture 2

Well if you don’t spend your weekend fighting the powers that be… enjoy, stay safe & have a little dance.

Celebrate your weekend

the c word

One thought on “C is for Censordyne

  • Love the gag about the elections in Iran. They really need to get the ad in front of young people though. Considering just how “connected” the kids of today are, they really don’t get the issue of censorship and the freedom of speech.


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