Ch-ch-ch-changes.. climate change that is

Image by Dirk Pepperd
Image by Dirk Pepperd

This week started with a bang!! A climate change inspired bang!! the c word crew and housemouse-keteer Nancy Bugeja were invited along to the launch of Safe Climate Australia. Along with 1000-odd other Melbournians, we braved the chill at dawn and headed over to Docklands for the breakfast launch. Safe Climate Australia is a non-government organisation which plans to mobilise all the scientific, technological, economic and political expertise to tackle the problem of climate change. So how does one mobilise Melbournians out of bed on a cold Monday morning?? Well … with a keynote speaker that no-one can resist; former Vice present of the United States Al Gore.

What an inspirational way to start the week! As frightening a prospect as climate change is, being there at the launch with business leaders, scientists, leaders in technology and our community, we couldn’t help but be excited by the opportunities, challenges and changes we need to implement. It surprises me there are still so many doubters out there; but I imagine living in a city with dam capacity at 26% and tight water restrictions makes the reality of it hit close to home.

Al Gore speaking at Safe Climate Australia launch
Al Gore speaking at Safe Climate Australia launch

What with all the excitement about Safe Climate Australia’s launch, climate change seems to be the it-topic this week. Our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been blogging this week and opened up the discussion on climate change with his constituents. There have been mixed reviews about KRudd09’s entrance to the blogosphere due to the strict limitations on comments.

Comments are limited to 300 words, only accepted for 5 business days after the post is published, no links to external websites allowed and moderated by staff only during business hours. There is plenty of discussion about it:

“Not allowing links to other websites is just dumb,” one blogger, Stilgherrian, told the Herald. “Links are the currency of the web. They allow you to reference work that’s already out there. If you can’t do that, and you’re limited to 300 words, then the discussion won’t ever get past repeating slogans.”

Blogger Kevin Rudd
Blogger Kevin Rudd

Others are more supportive of our Prime Minister’s direct 2-way communication with his constituents. It’s a shame links cannot be included and there are limitations however the c word is hopeful that this blog will be a useful resource for the public and our PM.

To celebrate the challenges & changes ahead, let’s dance to Dance Bowie’s Changes.

Celebrate your weekend

the c word

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