Celebrate good times come on!

It’s a day of celebrations and we’re sure there will be plenty of champagne being popped around the globe. We should be sending birthday cards & wishes to the Australian actress who never smiles Rose Byrne from Damages, the international starlet & brand that is J-Lo (I’m still I’m still Jenny from the block) and the overly excitable and over-energized, Bindi Irwin.

It’s also 40 years to this day that Apollo 11 splashed down to safety but more importantly it’s 13 years since our colourful collaborating designers housemouse began their journey.

And what a journey it has been for the inspiring duo behind this leading Melbourne design studio – Nancy Bugeja, the shoe-loving & entrepreneurial managing director & Miguel Valenzuela the cool, music making creative director. Both were 21 when they started the company together … with $30 in the bank account, 2 chairs, a desk, a single Mac & a bountiful supply of passion and drive! The award winning design studio continues to flourish with its fantastic line of eco-friendly wrapping paper, wrapped by housemouse and a designer magazine Fluoro to boot! All this before the age of 13!! I wonder what their teenage years will have in store for them?

wrapped by housemouse at Design:Made:Trade
wrapped by housemouse at Design:Made:Trade

Strike a pose Davina
Strike a pose Davina
wrpapped by housemouse deigner hair... so chic
wrapped by housemouse designer hair... so chic

OK yes, we love working with them… Happy Anniversary housemouse!!! Let’s all join Fred, Barney & their pals as we sing well wishes to our favourite housemouse-keteers.

Celebrate your weekend folks

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