So You Think You Can Plan…

Image by not quite vintage
Image by not quite vintage

The more you plan, the more you can! OK a little wanky but its simplicity is the essence of planning. Failing to plan is merely poor business practice, whether it is for communications, product development, television shows or even a simple footy match. An athlete would never assume to win a gold medal without a nutrition and training plan, so why would it be different for anything else?

There are numerous examples where lack of planning results in bad business decisions. One recent example is Starbucks’ failure to research the strong coffee culture in Australia. Their failure to plan resulted in the closure of 61 Australian stores. Tragically, the Victorian bushfires earlier this year resulted in the worst natural disaster in this country’s history. A recent Royal Commission found major flaws in planning by the CFA, where evacuation procedures were not implemented in time (or at all) to save many lives.

At the c word we always start the planning process with an idea session … this is something we’ll be covering in a future blog. I can feel your excitement brewing already. 😛

Image by ThelmageGroup
Image by ThelmageGroup

When we kick off our planning session, here are some tips we keep in mind:

1. Schedule time to plan. It can be as simple as setting time aside to prepare a daily to-do list or spending a few hours with your team to brainstorm ideas and plans of action. And remember, stick to it!

2. Plan on paper so you can capture all your ideas and thoughts. Whether they are silly or grandiose (and sometimes our ideas can be completely wacky), you can always revisit them at another more appropriate time.

3. Remember when writing your plan, use dot points rather than a thesis. It should be simple step-by-step instructions so that any one in your business can implement it.

4. Establish up front what resources you have. It’s no good developing a killer plan that you don’t have the support or resources to implement.

5. It’s the perfect time to ask yourself why you’re doing certain things. Now you can outline goals, objective and targets.

6. Set time frames for your actions. You can then list your actions & to-do’s sequentially to get to your desired outcome.

7. Anticipate problems and create contingency plans. Be prepared for everything!

Another cliché to remember is “Failing to plan, is planning to fail!” Yes we may sound like a personal development coach at a ‘How-To-Improve-Your-Life-&-Have-Millions-of-Twitter-Followers” seminar but on the plus side – it’s just a succinct tip you haven’t had to sit through a team-building activity to get to.

So the c word can help with all kinds of communication and strategic planning. But even we’re a little under prepared for zombie invasion. Do you have a zombie plan? Watch video below to learn more:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned. Celebrate it!

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