Martini, Mad Men & smoking on the job

MM1the c word office was abuzz with news that Mad Men Season 3 premiered in the US on Sunday. We love everything about this television show; the fashion, the adultery, the sexual politics and especially the smoking & drinking on the job. The girls in our office aspire to wiggle down the street in a Joan Hollaway-esque dress and follow Peggy Olson up the corporate ladder. Obviously the boys like to suit up like Don Draper and try to be just as slick & sleek.

But one of our favourite things about the show is seeing the goings-on of an advertising agency in the 1960s. It’s awesome watching the Sterling Cooper team introduce, what was then a foreign concept, a jingle to a coffee company trying to target the youth market or watching the creative team discuss the merits of a company brand like ‘London Fog’. Or Peggy nonchalantly coming up with the ‘basket of kisses’ concept. And of course the office politics.

Oh sassy Joan, cool Don, whiny Pete, in-the-closet Sal and modern working girl Peggy!! When are you back on our screens in Australia?? Soon, I hope. We miss you. BTW, does anyone else think Bertram Cooper looks like the Colonel? I always feel like KFC whenever he appears … mmm donuts, i mean KFC …

Another meeting at Sterling Cooper
Another meeting at Sterling Cooper

There have been some amazing television shows about advertising, public relations and communications over the years. Here are our top 5 comms related TV shows:

1. West Wing: Who didn’t want to work with CJ, Toby and Josh? Set in the White House following key players in the Bartlett administration… hold on a sec. If you don’t know this TV show, don’t even bother reading our blog. We don’t want to know you. This was truly an amazing piece of television.

2. Absolutely Fabulous: “La Croix sweetie, La Croix” Drinking champagne, snorting coke and wearing designer labels never looked so much fun. Nothing beats the ridiculousness of this UK comedy. Edie & Patsy … we’re forever indebted to you for being great role models for PR Darhling PR!

3. Mad Men: enough said really.

4. Absolute Power: Not to be confused with the Clint Eastwood film, this is another UK gem by the brilliant Stephen Fry. Unfortunately this series only went for 2 seasons but it was jammed packed with some of the most Laugh-Out-Loud lines ever. So funny that it warrants writing LOL out in full. So what is it about? According to their tagline… “The inner workings of a successful PR firm – lying for a living”

5. Melrose Place: OK this wasn’t exactly a favourite of ours. We were more Beverly Hills 90210 fans. But it deserves a special mention for renewing Heather Lockear’s career and giving birth to many Amanda Woodwood wanna-bes heading up there very own advertising agency with the likes of Billy & Allison working for them. OK we watched it more than once … don’t hate us.

So what are your favourite movies or TV shows set in the communications field?

And your favourite characters?? These are the c word team’s faves:

Jack: My god so many, I’d like to thank … oh wait this isn’t an oscar speech … CJ – the powerful communicator who steps in & takes over *chuckle* & of course Edwina Monsoon – champagne sweetie!

Maryann: Josh Lyman from the West Wing. I know he’s fictional but I do want to marry him one day *sigh*

Marta: Well I have a penchant for crazy ladies. So either Patsy from AdFab or for the really out-there crazy prize… it’s gotta be Dr Kimberly Shaw (Marcia Cross) on Melrose Place

Time to get back to work and stop watching TV. If you really need a Mad Men fix (and you’re only human), you can follow some of the characters on Twitter. It is quite strange to have a Twitter conversation with a fictional character… but quite a buzz too.

We decided some other suave & cool peeps from years ago should be our musical inspiration. Take it away Nancy Sinatra & Dean Martin…

Enjoy your weekend folks.

the c word

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