Scout’s motto: Be Prepared

Yesterday was an important day of planning with one of our clients. Brainstorms, clear goals, wish lists and compelling key messages are all necessary if you want to set your business on a clear path to success.

Strategy seems to be on lots of people’s minds this week. On justanotherPRblog, Karalee Evans talks about strategy being the most important part of a communications campaign *double thumbs up*. While many jump straight into creating ads or sending out media releases, Evans takes a different and very sensible approach – plan, plan, plan.

An advertisement or a media release is not a strategy or a campaign. It’s a tactic. And a tactic that needs to relate back to a goal, an audience and message.”

It is sometimes difficult to get businesses to spend time and money on planning and strategy when they’re eager to see the uber-cool advertisement or crazy viral campaign that will make them squillions. But let’s be realistic, a good strategy, as Evans says, “should enable you to prove your success… [and] seeks to preempt your tactical failures”.

A good strategy will also help you see where you went right and where you went wrong. What better way to help your business progress than not make the same mistake the second time around.

During the planning day, we started by evaluating goals set the previous year, and were happy to discover many had been achieved; in some instances exceeding initial expectations. The day was broken into three different sessions focussed on the various arms of our client’s business. After nit picking, brainstorming and pulling this year’s plan and activities apart, we came out the other end with a clear plan of attack for each arm of their business.

So how do you put this into practice for your business? Here are some simple steps we take our clients through.

1. Look back at your goals to see what has been achieved

2. If no goals were set, list important achievements and progress

3. Identify your wish list and vision including potential clients and how you want to be seen

4. Establish specific and measurable goals for the year ahead

6. Look at what tactics worked and which didn’t and ask yourself why?

7. Brainstorm new ideas and tactics for the year ahead

8. Put it all into a simple step by step action plan.

Once all the ideas, tactics and vision have been identified, you are on the road to having a comprehensive communications plan for the year. Not only will this serve as a perfect guide but it’s also an effective means of evaluating your progress.

If you want to know more about how the c word can help you put this process into play, email or give us a call on +613 9676 9040.

As our Girl Scout leader and esteemed colleague @martazyz will attest, its always best to… “Be Prepared.”

So there are very few songs about strategising (if there are, I don’t know about them). So what shall we dance to instead? How about Godspell’s “Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord.” Dance in a fountain, frolick in the sunshine and prepare ye client in the way of the future (hehehe sorry) 😛

Enjoy your weekend,
the c word

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