Have you got a company profile?

What does your prospectus look like?

A prospectus is traditionally used when a company is floating on the stock exchange for the first time. The prospectus isn’t just a piece of advertising for the company, rather it helps investors make informed decisions. Similarly, schools and universities use a prospectus to help parents decide which school best suits their child.

So why wouldn’t your business or organisation have a document that tells people what you do and what your experiences are?

the c word recently completed our own company profile (the name we use for our prospectus) which you can view here. Once again we collaborated with our design partner housemouse to ensure the design of the company profile matched its content.

Some key things you should include in your company profile are:

  • Clients you’ve worked with
  • Type of projects you’ve worked on
  • Services you provide
  • And most importantly, who are you

A company profile is the perfect document to send to prospective clients interested in engaging your services. Don’t hesitate to touch base with the c word if you’d like some assistance in creating a company profile of your own.

Now for a word from someone who has seen his fair share of prospectuses over the years, Gordon Gekko who will return to the silver screen in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.


the c word

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