September means poetry, leadership breakfasts and murder mysteries

OK, where have the first eight months of 2010 gone?

Apologies for the lag between posts but it’s been a busy few weeks in our crib (OK, I was going to say chambers but I thought that was a little too legal, so I went with crib!).

A fresh blog promise (similar to Safeway/Woolworths fresh food promise) is to bring you a fresh blog about communications next week covering corporate social responsibility and the lessons Committee for Melbourne’s Andrew Macleod is sure to share at the PRIA Leadership Breakfast on Tuesday 14 September. (If you’re interested in CSR or Melbourne’s future you can still get tickets – come have coffee and hear what he has to say!)

Tonight, we’re off to the launch of the 9th annual Overload Poetry Festival. A ten day celebration of Victoria’s amazing poetry community with local, national and international guests. This is the third festival we’ve helped the poets with their publicity and each year the lineup just gets better.

While there are plenty of amazing events to choose from, we personally can’t wait for the poetry reading at the NGV and the launch of the Melbourne Poetry Map – both innovative parts of this year’s festival.

Then after a week of poetry, we’ll be heading back to 1928 next Saturday for our client Simon Robinson’s A Dinner to Die For at the Retreat Hotel. Again, tickets are still available if you would like to join us in 1928 England and help solve the murder mystery.

And that brings us to something to contemplate over the weekend … who is your favourite fictional detective?

While you’re contemplating that … and please do share your favourite via a comment … we’ll leave you with Earth Wind and Fires September.

Ciao for now,

the c word

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