Oops… Australia’s next next top model and a few other live TV slips

Early 1950s Television Set
Early 1950s Television Set (flickr)

Even if you don’t have Foxtel at home, you’ve most likely heard about Sarah Murdoch’s little mistake on live television last night.

If you haven’t heard, she accidently named the runner-up as the winner of Australia’s Next Top Model and then felt terribly sick about it and corrected the mistake!

But don’t fret, today it’s been announced both winner and runner-up will head to the big apple, both will feature on separate covers of Harpers Bazaar, and both will get some money in the bank!

Thank goodness … we can all rest easy knowing all is right in the world of modeling for another night!

We thought we’d look back at a few live television mistakes for a mid week chuckle!

If you’re a Queenslander, you’ll probably remember Channel Ten newsreader Marie-Louise Thiele calling her husband an arsehole while waiting to come back from commercial.

More recently, over on Channel Seven there was the banker looking at images of Miranda Kerr while his colleague delivered a live finance update.

And then there are the times people drop the f-bomb and the c-word on live TV. A couple of years ago, Jane Fonda used the c-word while talking about appearing in the Vagina Monologues.

And of course sometimes you can accidently kill someone off (or at least worry fans, friends and family) as Richard Wilkins and Jeff Goldblum know all too well!

Chat soon,

the c word

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