What has Four Corners and a 7.30 each weeknight?

Chris Uhlmann and Leigh Sales

ABC News 24 of course.

From hung parliaments to devastating floods there has been no shortage of news since ABC News 24 went to air eight months ago. While the journalists, producers, crews and editors have been busy providing live coverage of national and international events they’ve still managed to produce some quality new programs and refresh some old favourites.

The 7.30 Report is one old favourite which has been refreshed for the new news channel. This month ABC launched its new flagship current affairs program 7.30 with Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann anchoring from Sydney and Canberra respectively.

From the episodes I’ve watched so far, the show appears to continue the tradition of high quality reporting and in-depth interviews set by Kerry O’Brien and his team. Speaking of Kerry, while he may no longer be behind the desk at 7.30pm each night, he remains a critical part of the ABC news team presenting Four Corners in a new weekly role.

But back to 7.30. The show brings together a team of national and international correspondents who provide in-depth coverage and analysis of business and political issues. Sales covers the stories from Sydney and around Australia while Uhlmann is on hand to cover the news breaking in Canberra – no doubt he’ll be on call 24/7.

As well as being a consummate interviewer, Leigh is a published author, popular tweeter and regular contributor to the ABC’s opinion site. Prior to 7.30, Leigh anchored Lateline, interviewing major figures including Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger. She has also been the ABC’s Washington Correspondent, as well as their National Security Correspondent.

Chris Uhlmann came to journalism a little later in life than Sales but has certainly gained wide recognition for his quality journalism. He started as a 29-year-old copy kid at The Canberra Times in 1989 and switched to television in 2008 where he has been Political Editor for ABC News, The 7.30 Report and ABC News 24.

Both anchors will no doubt bring new audiences and fresh perspectives on the stories to be covered by 7.30.

The show also features a Friday edition, which brings the state-based programs previously known as Stateline under the one banner while retaining local hosts. Hopefully this will give each of the state-based editions greater prominence and provide higher quality Friday night viewing.

As well as 7.30 and Four Corners, we’re also enjoying:

One plus One – Jane Hutcheon presents a series of weekly interviews with newsmakers from around the world. It’s wonderful to have a program giving time to in-depth interviews.

ABC News Breakfast – a great start to the day with Virginia Trioli and a team of national correspondents

Q&A – who doesn’t love the opportunity to ask questions of Australian community, political and business leaders PLUS there’s a possibility of seeing your tweets on screen.


the c word


PS. What’s your favourite television news program?

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