Pavlova fit for the POTUS

Official U.S. Embassy photo by Adam P. Wilson
Official U.S. Embassy photo by Adam P. Wilson

Firstly, let me get this off my chest – is Pavlova Roulade (rolled pavlova) really the best we could dish up for the President? Perhaps I’m being a little too critical given I haven’t had my morning sugar fix, but I would have thought we could be a little more creative in the kitchen. Oh well, I’m sure the pav’ was delicious!

This week Australia welcomed POTUS (President of the United States for anyone who isn’t a West Wing addict!) as part of his whirlwind 2011 Asia Pacific Trip.

Obama and his entourage flew in to Canberra on Wednesday for a 26-hour visit, which included a State Dinner, an official address to both Houses of the Australian Parliament, a grilling by journalism students at a Canberra Highschool and a sombre visit to the Australian War Memorial.

After a day and night of seeing the sights in Canberra, Obama jetted off for the first ever-Presidential visit to Territory, in particular Darwin. It was a coup for the people of Darwin and an opportunity for the President to see yet another part of Australia.

It was also a chance for America to show us how to stage an event. The Americans delivered a true visual spectacle in Darwin where the Prime Minister and the President shook hands with our troops and inspired the masses in front of spectacularly oversized Australian and American flags. I hope everyone took out their pens and pencils and took down some notes!!

Now he’s off to Bali for the final leg of his Asia Pacific Trip. Then it’s back to the States where he’s only months away from a year where he’ll be running for re-election while continuing his duties as President of the United States. (Jed Bartlet would be proud!!)

Pavlova aside – it’s been an exciting couple of days for Australia. A fantastic opportunity to show Obama and the rest of America why it’s great to visit and live in Australia – although Bob Katter singing would make anyone run a mile.

I’m looking forward to seeing what part Australia plays in the next episode of the “West Wing Week” – a fantastic weekly series created by the first official Whitehouse videographer Arun Chaudhary.

Finally, hats (and I mean multiple styles and colours) off to our Governor-General for her outfit change between meeting the President at the airport and welcoming him to Parliament House.

She’s copping some flack from some, but I don’t agree. I don’t know about you but if I’ve got the time and am going to be photographed at two major international press opportunities, I’m going to change too. And she did recycle the outfit – well part of it – from her time with the Queen.

OK enough talk about Pavlovas and outfit changes, now time to get on with some work.

Happy Friday!


the c word

PS. While we’re on the topics of world leaders, we thought we’d leave you with a sneak peak at Margaret – the 2012 movie with Meryl as Margaret. We can’t wait!!

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