Closing comment – Friday 18 May – chimps, canapés, copyright

Firstly, I have a confession: I have been the world’s worst blogger of late (well the past month or so) and have failed to write a single post. However, that’s all about to change. I’ve been inspired, which means you’re going to pine for the days when I only posted once a month, as I embark on my new crusade to blog like I’ve never blogged before.

So I’m kicking off the crusade with a new weekly column Closing Comment (and gosh look at the time, it’s already a little late!!). The Friday column will be a recap of our week at the c word; the cool colleagues we’ve caught up with, campaigns we’ve worked on and colourful events we’ve attended.

This week’s c-words: chimps, canapés, copyright, crèche and chocolate.

Monday was spent playing catch up after last week’s successful 2012 Women in PR Forum with the wonderful Sara James from NBC Universal. Read all about it in the latest edition of PRIA Victoria’s e-news, which includes my regular presidential message (prepare the motorcade) and a great Q&A with Slavica Habjanovic.

Now to chimps, not the playful animals you see running around the zoo, but the helpful tool for creating e-newsletters. After what seems like an eternity, we finally found the time to fully discover the power of Mail Chimp and I think we’re in love. It’s a great e-newsletter tool and oh how I love a computer program that works like it says on the packet.

On Monday, we also attended a function at the Victorian Investment Centre hosted by the American Australian Association, Invest Victoria and the US Consulate. Not only did we get to catch up with a host of lovely Melbourne/American people, we also heard from Kenneth R. Mayer, Professor of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His insightful presentation focused on the 2012 US Elections, which are certainly heating up in the States. It’s incredible to think that Obama’s personal campaign target is $1 billion – that’s a lot of advertising and events.

Tuesday and Thursday the c word stood for crèche with colleagues past and present visiting and bringing their little cherubs. One is never too young to learn the art of answering the phone, making coffees or setting up an alphabetical filing system … well perhaps six months is a little young?

Then Thursday we headed along to Queens Hall at Parliament for canapés and copyright law discussion at the Sir Rupert Hamer Records Management Awards. It was great to see so many examples of innovative records management and meet the people behind the archives. We were also very impressed with the mini recall archive box we got in the information bag – very c=cute albeit a little too small for our files.

And now, what does the weekend hold? Coffee and papers are on the list. I’ve fully embraced the iPad and went a little crazy downloading all of the iPad paper apps, so Saturday will be spent consuming at least three papers, and no need to rush to the recycling bin (bliss!).

Cheers to a fun filled weekend,

Jack & the c word crew

And a song we’ve been humming this week, Brother.

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