Closing comment – Friday 3 August – Circle cancellation causes concern

Circle inversion via fdecomite on Flickr

This week’s announcement by Channel Ten about the cancellation of its mid morning show The Circle was met with some concern, particularly given the ever dwindling supply of local content.

Channel Ten also announced that it would shave half an hour off its breakfast program, Breakfast, and plug the gaps with US Talk Show, The Talk (where do they get the creativity to come up with these names?) and children’s programming.

While The Circle may not have had the largest audience in Australia, it did provide its viewers with interesting interviews and information, and on a daily basis it provided a great platform for many talented individuals and organisations to share their stories. Thanks to the cast and crew for your hard work over the last few years, and we look forward to seeing you around the Australian television again soon.

In other news, the Olympics have continued to dominate the morning, lunchtime, afternoon, evening and late night news with lots of celebrations as well as a few controversies.

Following on from a wonderful session with Dina Pozzo at last week’s PRIA Leadership Breakfast, we have been honing our inspirational leadership skills. The main thing we took away from the breakfast and master class was the need to reflect on your achievements on a daily and weekly basis.

So that’s just what we’ve been doing. While the c word crew has been busy colour coding action plans, careering our way through brainstorming sessions and consolidating to do lists, we’ve also taken time to reflect and celebrate our achievements.

Now we’re off to lunch to continue the celebrations and celebrate Friday and an August office birthday; a perfect end to a busy week.

Cheers and Happy Friday,

Jack and the c word crew

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