Closing comment – 10 August 2012 – Communications chatter contagious

Crab photo from Flickr user offstandard

Firstly, a non communication related topic but it does involve lots of c-words: cuisine, crustaceans and curry. Before the work week began, I had demonstrated my ability to consume copious amounts of seafood and curry courtesy of a friend’s birthday buffet at the Langham. It was delicious and gave me plenty of fuel to tackle the busy week.

With a full stomach, I was also ready to crack into the 2013 calendar, and first thing Monday I set about organising an exciting Queensland event for February. It’s always funny when the new year planner has to make its first appearance … which creates a conundrum: what to do with two?

Conundrums sorted, the classical music began flowing in the c word office on Wednesday when our client’s inaugural VESKI Innovation Fellow, Professor Andrew Holmes AM, talked to Margaret Throsby on ABC Classic FM about his favourite classical music and his stellar career.

Throughout the week, the crew had some great catch ups with a number of Melbourne communicators and clients. I also made two two trips to the University of Melbourne to talk with media and communications students about the c word, PR and PRIA. It is always great to reflect on what we’re doing at PRIA, the c word and across the PR industry.

The first event was the launch of the Media and Communication Student Society and I was invited to be a keynote speaker alongside Richard Baker from The Age and Amber Jamieson from Both provided some fascinating insights into the current challenges and opportunities facing traditional and new forms of media. They also delivered great keynote presentations, which were hard to follow.

The second event was to give students information about various professions and career opportunities starting with PR and communications. Hopefully I provided some inspiration and encouraged a few of those in attendance to join the PR profession. I was very lucky that Diane Squires, the Media and PR Director at the University of Melbourne, was on hand to help field the great questions from the next generation of communicators.

Oh the wisdom I’ve been imparting … here are a few gems (ok, perhaps they need some polishing) to end the week …

  • explore every opportunity, you never know where it will take you
  • never forget, relationships are critical to communication
  • be prepared to roll up your sleeves and come up with a solution (no matter how high up the ladder you are)

While I’ve been fluttering around town, our chief associate, Helen Steel hosted a roundtable discussion about a new shared value project she’s collaborating on with some senior leaders from government, business and non-profit organisations.

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one week, I have also been reading up on Aron Sorkin’s The Newsroom, which is set to premiere on Foxtel’s new channel Soho after the Olympics. Is it here yet? Is it here yet?  But apparently I’m not the only one excited about the media focused version of the West Wing, with reports that Obama is a fan.

Now to today and there’s a meeting to kick off a new website re-development, a catch up with an events colleague who’s just got a new job and then it’s off to lunch at ezards for a concoction of good food, wine and conversation – whether it’s an express lunch or not is still on the cheese board.

Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend,

Jack and the c word crew

PS. We couldn’t close the week without referring to “Romney Girl” … watch it now & forever have the tune in your head!

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