Closing comment – Friday 30 November – Classrooms, creeping celsius and cue “Cry For Help”

Photo of Boston & snow by Tania Ho (via Flickr)

It’s closing comment time again. And since my last post, two days ago, there have been a few new c-words to report on.

On Wednesday night, we attended the announcement of the 2012 Hugh Rogers Fellowships. Classrooms were the focus of this year’s fellowships presented by the Melbourne Boston Sister Cities Association. Thanks to the funding, two Melbourne teachers will head to Boston to attend Harvard and visit schools, and then bring those lessons back to Melbourne.

Paul Beekman, a teacher with a “gift for engaging his students and bringing his classes to life”, and Nerida Mellerick, a teacher “at the cutting edge of her profession”, were named the 2012 Hugh Rogers Fellows in education as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Now to my favourite c-word: cold. Sadly, it has been the opposite of cold in Melbourne and other parts of Australia the past couple of days and the celsius has been climbing. Crazy, I hear you saying! How can you love the cold??

But the climbing celsius is a good excuse to go to the movies, drink sangria and head to the beach …. or just drink more sangria.

Today also marks the end of November, which means we’re only 25 days away from Christmas …. deep breaths. But that means, in a matter of weeks we’ll be cueing the carols and cracking open the champagne.

Finally, tonight it’s c= concert with a trip back to the 80s/90s for a Rick Astley concert at the Palace. Now it’s time to cue the “Cry for help”.

Until next week, enjoy your weekend and make sure you stay cool.


Jack and the c word crew

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