Closing comment – Friday 8 February – crystal ball gazing

It’s time for our second caffeinated classroom for 2013. While we’re sharing the basics of social media with our latest class of communicators, we thought we’d share some thoughts on what might lie ahead for communications in 2013.

Next week, the Public Relations Institute of Australia will be asking four experts from politics, finance, venture capitalism and communications evaluation, what they expect from communications in 2013. 

What would you like to know? If you’re available on Tuesday 12 February, come along and ask the question at the PRIA Leadership Breakfast hosted by ORDA and the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Now on with our crystal ball gazing for 2013:

  • communications will rise to a new level of responsiveness – and we’ve already seen Oreo make great use of social media during the Super Bowl blackout
  • e-newsletters will undergo a transformation into the truly social e-newsletter – if your newsletter doesn’t start a conversation, re-think it now!
  • social media will reinvent itself (again) – new players will join, the 1-2 year users will ditch their P-plates and the social media obsessed with help take it to the new level
  • evaluation will continue to become more widespread and integrated with other activities particularly social media
  • scandals will continue to occur but the way communicators respond to them will change drastically with more channels than ever to manage and a constant thirst for information.

They’re a few of our thoughts on what’s ahead for communications in 2013, what do you think will be the focus? Add a comment below or send us an email.


Jack and the c word crew

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