Closing comment – Friday 31 May – May today, June tomorrow


It’s the end of May, which means three c-words:

  • chilly – it’s June tomorrow and the start of winter
  • catch up – 30 days (= 25 business days) to achieve your mid year goals
  • countdown – the Queen’s Birthday long weekend is only 8 sleeps away!

But before we cast off into June, let’s do a quick recap of May (because we’ve been a little slack on our updates):

Plus Mad Men, too many coffees to count, a Cumulus oyster master class, business planning, strategy writing, proposals galore, website management and lots and lots of copywriting!

So what does June hold?

With 25 business days before a new budget cycle for most organisations, it means business planning, end of financial year reporting and project evaluations.

June will also see the second season of the Newsroom return to our screens. Can’t wait!

It also means tax time is just around the corner! Oh the fun. And it means we’ll all start planning our Fourth of July parties and Christmas in July gatherings.

Have a lovely weekend & enjoy the c-words: champagne, catch ups, coffee and cake!


Jack and the c word crew

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