Closing comment – corsair and cowboy charades

cowboycwordersYesterday it was cool to be a corsair; today our colleague Helen says it’s cool to be a cowboy. What about combining the two?

ABC TV presenter Michael Rowland certainly made the case for being a corsair when he conducted an interview with the creator of #TalkLikeAPirateDay in full pirate costume.

Now it’s time to saddle up your horsy and embrace #TalkLikeACowboyDay.

Who’s your favourite cowboy? Or cowgirl?

We think cowboy Woody and cowgirl Jessie from Toy Story cut some swell moves on the dance floor. They’re also pretty cool!

Onto more serious matters or at least some news headlines.

This week saw the swearing in of the Coalition Government’s new cabinet. Tony Abbott also unveiled his 100-day plan including a mountain of correspondence to various departments and agencies to implement changes and cuts across the board.

Aaron Sorkin closed off another season of the Newsroom with mixed reviews from across the globe. The focus was on couples coming together, campaigns concluding and a lesson on how to serve champagne. Now it’s back to re-runs of the West Wing while we await season 3 and the split final season of Mad Men.

Finally, have you ever wondered how costly it could be to mispronounce a word? You might insult a colleague or a chum. You might drive that know-it-all relative to breaking point. Or you might loose yourself, as Dr Evil says, ‘one million dollars’!

For those West Wing fans, as CJ would say: “That’s a full lid” from the c word for another week. We’re heading back to our desks to clear out our in-trays before donning our tuxedos and gowns for tonight’s PRIA Victoria’s Communications Gala.

Go pour y’self a cowboy cocktail and have y’self a c-word filled weekend!


Jack & the c word crew

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