Closing comment – chirpy campaign concludes

Superb Fairy-wren (Photo: Chris Tzaros)
Superb Fairy-wren (Photo: Chris Tzaros)

The campaign to find Australia’s Favourite Bird has come to a superb conclusion with the announcement of the Superb Fairy-wren as Australia’s favourite.

The national poll received more than 8,000 votes from people across the country and overseas, and even in the final hours there was fierce competition among the three leading birds, with only the narrowest of margins. The final result came down to postal votes but the promiscuous little bird still reined superb.

Sadly, there are no campaign diaries to release. No tell-all interviews. We’re simply left with the sound of 52 chirping clients returning to their nests in Australian backyards.

And for the Superb Fairy-wren, there won’t be an endless series of nightclub appearances like Big Brother’s Tim Dormer. Or a modeling contract like Australia’s Next Top Model. Or a tell-all TV interview like the PMs get.

Instead, the true blue Aussie bird will get 15 minutes (or a whole month) of fame on the cover of the December issue of BirdLife Australia’s magazine and then continue to appear in backyards across the country sans appearance fee.

The Guardian broke the news yesterday afternoon and since then people across the country have been celebrating the top 10. They’ve taken to Twitter and Facebook to celebrate the victory for this little charmer.

The Superb Fairy-wren led the polls from the very early days and even the campaigning skills of celebrities such as Dave Hughes, Kate Langbroek, John Clarke and Pip Courtney were no match.

The Australian Magpie, supported by ABC Landline’s Pip Courtney, and the Hooded Plover, supported by Australian satirist John Clarke, were both very close in votes to the winning bird.

Here are some of our highlights from the campaign:

Chirp chirp.

Cheers from Jack & the c word.

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