Closing comment – courtships and conquests

We’ll be back again next week with a few of our favourite c-words to celebrate another big year … but before we do, here’s our penultimate closing comment for 2013.

After reading this closing comment, you’ll be excused for thinking we’ve been watching too many episodes of the Bachelor or Beauty and the Geek (but trust me, we haven’t, we just enjoy the ritual of cherishing current and courting new chums).

After hosting a date night with journalists, bloggers and Footscray business owners on top of the Footscray Market (a great place for a date) in September, we then set about helping our client veski organise a speed date for scientists, students and media inside Parliament House. And now we’re managing the courtship of five date winners from our client’s @YourFootscray #WinADate competition.

There were no roses handed over. No extreme makeovers. And definitely no tears. Just good quality conversations and connections.

The result of the dates in Footscray has been renewed interest in the area with a number of bloggers and journalists returning to feast on cannoli and other treats and pick up their fruit and veg from the local markets.

The unique speed meet the scientist event, where more than 50 students from regional Victorian schools became science journalists and interviewed a range of leading scientists, delivered benefits for the students and scientists alike. The students have since turned their interviews into articles with a selection being read on national radio last weekend.

That’s all the dates for this year. But as they say, there are plenty more c-words in the c.

Cheers, Jack & the c word crew

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