Cherish complaints & criticism – cut the negative connotations

Do you get the impression most people don’t like feedback?

What’s to like about being told that you’re not doing something well enough or behaving in a way that is unacceptable?

Complaints and criticism come with plenty of negative connotations, so what if you look at it from another point of view? Say, for example that the information someone is giving you is steering you in a way that can help you improve. Or, if taking on your manager’s advice actually helps you do your job more effectively or help you relate to your fellow co-workers more empathetically.

As a manager and as an employee you’re going to have to give and receive feedback regularly. You can’t chose how people respond to your feedback. What you can control the way you chose to give feedback and how you respond to negative feedback (complaints or criticism).

Giving constructive feedback

There’s power in delivering constructive feedback. Again, most people will avoid seeking out feedback. Growth is difficult, painful and often involves giving up something in order to get something else. Goodbyes are never easy and people will resist change, even if not on a conscious level. So, delivering feedback must be done honestly and sensitively.

For more read Forbes’ in depth article on how to foster employee trust through constructive feedback.

Responding to negative feedback

Let’s start with responding to the negative stuff. Even if you loathe it, negative feedback is a source of vital information to help you and your business improve. So much so, seeking out constant feedback will create a culture of inclusion and your team will feel as though they can be honest—and that you care about their needs. Whether it’s through an organised feedback process or one-on-one, regular feedback will help both you and your organisation grow.

Here are 5 steps for getting better employee feedback from if you’re keen to read more.

There are definitively a couple of ways to look at feedback, and we are advocating putting yourself in the mindset to learn from and not react to criticism or complaints in a negative way.

You’ll see. It will empower you and your team.

And perhaps don’t follow the Veep’s feedback process …


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