Closing comment – Communicating and leading #likeagirl

Image via Sadhbh Byrne @sadhbhbyrne

Last week marked another historic moment for Victorian and Australian women doing leadership #likeagirl with two high level positions of power being succeeded by women.

Ms Linda Dessau is set to become the first female Governor of Victoria, and distinguished medical researcher Professor Anne Kelso AO has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Interestingly, Victoria is the last Australian jurisdiction to appoint a woman as a vice-regal representative. Well done to all the other states for beating us to it!

These significant appointments represent great achievement and change in government and science sectors, with leadership positions traditionally being held by men.

What are the benefits for increasing gender diversity in senior roles? According to research more women in leadership roles means better decisions, better performance, and better representation of the consumer base.

Comedian Amy Poehler would agree and issued a call for women across the world to reclaim the phrase “like a girl” and flip its derogatory meaning on its head.

Through her online community Smart Girls, Poehler has asked women to take to social media and list all the things they have achieved #likeagirl.

Poehler’s message is not only that women around the world are making astounding achievements; they are doing it without needing to adhere to male-focused notions of success and leadership. They are doing it #likeagirl.

The campaign set out to turn #likeagirl into a compliment, rather than a denigration, and through social media, namely Twitter, Poehler has taken this message and spread it to as many corners of the world as possible.

Poehler’s campaign – and the appointment of these two inspiring female high flyers – highlight a small fraction of the gender equality issue, the revolution of women taking charge and leadership in the workplace and the importance of using modern tools to educate and keep people informed.

On the topic of doing it #likeagirl, our client veski is delivering an inspiring women program with the aim of supporting career progression of Victorian women through the provision of resources, information and opportunities; partnerships with government, industry, community and academia; and professional development and networking opportunities. Make sure you save the date for their next event on 16 March 2015.

Cheers, Jack & the c word crew

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