Closing comment: digital leadership

Who would have thought that one of Melbourne’s Heritage listed buildings, the Old Treasury Building on Spring Street,  would provide the classroom for Victorian leaders to hone their digital leadership capabilities.

Our communications consultant focused on digital communications, Rosie Walden, spent Thursday and Friday this week participating in Leadership Victoria’s Digital Leadership Program.

Sitting in a building built to store the colony’s gold, and once the epicentre of a new colony’s growing power, Rosie has been thinking about how leaders from the past, including the Governor, the Premier (at the time called Chief Secretary), the Treasurer and the Auditor General would have coped with, embraced or responded to the challenges and opportunities we face in the digital age?

We’ll bring you a full wrap up of the two day program in coming weeks; but for the second here are a few highlights from day 1:

  • Leadership Victoria opened the discussions with The Age’s Michael Short @Shortmsgs talking about the openness of social media and and its ability to turn people’s opinions around
  • From open media to a young entrepreneur the group reflected on the fast pace of change with @willdayble, Director, Squareweave reinforcing the importance of taking time away from our devices to reflect. Will’s said that in a digital world we still need to make time to “break bread with real humans”.
  • @Liz_Bardwell from Telstra shared some fantastic practical approaches to managing digital communications

Rosie is responsible for engaging with the growing online communities across public health, education and innovation sectors on behalf of our clients. She is also the voice behind the cheeky tweets for @thecwordagency when our CEO is on classified assignments 🙂

Cheers, Jack & the c word crew

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