Consoles and controllers: 30 years of Mario Bros and another spill in Canberra

Malcolm takes the controls
Malcolm takes the controls

There are two brothers – both small business owners (plumbers in fact). They launched in September 1985, and their empire has only grown. They are greenies and walk everywhere (or run). They are cheap, have great reviews, and are willing to leave their suburbs for money (or in search of a princess). We are of course talking about the overall-wearing, mushroom-eating, coin-collecting Mario Bros: Mario and Luigi.

Happy 30th to Nintendo and the Bros – here’s to another 30 years of fun times.

As fun as video games can be, there are two other players to discuss this week, which brings us to the games of Australian politics. They are of course our former Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull, who has become Australia’s newest PM, and his predecessor Mr Abbott.

This blog is not going to be another analysis of this week’s political stampede. We’re not going to regurgitate what you would already know if you’ve even glanced at the ABC or your Twitter stream. But we can’t go by without talking about Australia’s latest spill.

Our new Prime Minister is a respected businessman. So let’s hope he can use some of his business acumen and just get on with the job at hand.

Malcolm Turnbull had a long list of careers before entering politics, from representing former MI5 agent Peter Wright to becoming an investment banker, from being chairman of a logging company in the Solomon Islands to overseeing the expansion of OzEmail in the early days of the internet. He also ran the Australian Republican Movement for most of the 1990s. And he’s a communicator, and a good one.

He has some big issues to deal with – many similar to other industries at the moment – including the number of women in high positions. Already there has been a push for Malcolm Turnbull’s Cabinet to feature more women. Parliamentary Secretary Kelly O’Dwyer says the party would do better with more women on the frontbench. Australia’s eyes are watching.

Turnbull has already fronted the media, careful with his words and seems to (unlike many public figures) think before he speaks. With the media hanging on his every word and movement who can blame him. He has a grace and sophistication with the English language that the everyday Australian either respects or finds a bit pompous. Either way, love or hate him – he looks and acts like a leader.

And from the arena of Aussie politics, a great opening speech from Turnbull:

“A style of leadership that respects the peoples’ intelligence, that explains these complex issues, and then sets out the course of action we believe we should take, and makes a case for it. We need advocacy, not slogans. We need to respect the intelligence of the Australian people.”

Hopefully he’ll be a winner, and the PM’s office won’t need to do another run of business cards for at least another 12 months.

Cheers, Jack and the c word crew

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