Cabin crews: cross check, closeup time for corporate content

The Qantas Barbie collection – image sourced from Qantas media centre

If you enjoy being a fly on the wall, and get a thrill out of jumbo jets and drink trolleys, then you’ll love Channel Nine’s new observational-documentary about Qantas, Ready for Takeoff.

We caught the first episode this week with the Wallabies heading to the UK, a man with a broken back finding it difficult to catch a flight to Melbourne from Perth, a pilot returning from six months leave, and all the excitement of life at the airports in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Following in the footsteps of a similar documentary about British Airways, this new program produced in partnership with Qantas takes viewers behind the scenes of the national carrier. It gives the audience unprecedented access from departure to arrival, first class to travel for pooches, and introduces us to all the characters who get us from airport to airport and back again.

The series will follow a range of passengers and crew including one of Qantas’s most valued frequent flyers – 84–year-old John Martin – as he embarks on his 1000th Qantas flight (he has been to New York 153 times, London 148 times and, in a hot tip about taming jet lag, John recommends you sleep and time meals for the time zone you’re travelling to).

In recent years we’ve seen a growing number of organisations embrace the observational-documentary to take us behind the scenes with Vogue going cover to cover with The September Issue and Oprah’s production company giving us an insight into building a television network. And of course, we’ve had years of going behind the scenes of hospitals, customs and RBTs.

Let us know what you think of Channel Nine’s new doco? And also what do you think of companies giving viewers an all access pass?

Cheers, Jack & the c word crew

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