Nicole Jacobs in the #CommsCorner

This week we chat with Nicole Jacobs who is Director of Jacobs Buyer Advocates, a Property Expert on Channel 9’s The Block  and a buyer of Luxury property.

Nicole is a trusted property ​​professional and appears ​​regularly ​on TV for her expertise ​​and buys some of Australia’s most coveted properties for her clients.​ She is an avid supporter of women in business and balances that with a happy home with her husband and three children.

Tell us about your typical day?

Yellow shirt B 334A8928Speaking with clients, reviewing property, researching the market, coffee with clients and selling agents.

How important is communication in the real estate game?

Communication is imperative. My clients need to have complete trust in me and that only comes from being very open and transparent. It also means I need to be accessible even if it is very late at night as my clients can be overseas or worried and anxious before an acquisition.​

What communications skills do you need to bring to the table as a buyers advocate?

​You need to be a good listener, have empathy, be available​, be authentic and be real.

Which tools can’t you live without?

My mobile​ and my laptop.​​ And coffee.​

Being the new kid on ‘The Block’ – how tough is the world of TV?

I’m really fortunate to have had my introduction into TV with an amazing group of producers, camera and sound crew and other professionals like Shelley Craft. They make turning up incredibly fun and I am very ​grateful.

Which current communication campaign do you most admire?

David Jones’ “It’s In You” campaign​

What book/blog do you think everyone should read?

Apart from my own at (LOL) I love interiorsaddict, renoaddict, ​thecarousel,​

What tips do you wish you’d known starting out in your career?

​Be authentic, be focused and go for what you want. Don’t give up.​

Finish this sentence: Communication is…

Communication is​ underrated​. It’s the most important skill you will ever have. You need to constantly refine this skill and learn from others daily”.

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