Rosie Walden in the #CommsCorner

This week we chat with our newest crew member (and our CEO’s sister) in the #CommsCorner. After a decade in healthcare, Rosie has brought her triaging skills to the world of communications as a content curator and communications consultant at the c word. She’s also adding a little comedy flavour to our social media channels and client communications.

Rosie&NeilYour elevator statement – who are you professionally and personally?

After a decade in the healthcare industry I transitioned into communications swapping night duty for networking. My transferable skills from nursing have given me the grounding and patience I need to work in a different sector. I create the content for our channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and everything in between) and curate the content for our clients’ social media channels. Basically I get to research (reading is one of my favourite activities) the latest and greatest in social media, and tell you all about it.

Tell us about your typical day in communications?

Each day starts with the same c-word: a c = caffeine boost. Then it’s straight to the diary to cross check the calendar, commitments and case load of our CEO and crew. The day always starts off with twitter feed scrolling and checking through my favourite news sites. I then check in on our clients and the c word’s social media channels and contribute to the conversations.

When did you first know you wanted to work in communications?

At school I was always correcting bad grammar and spelling on other people’s work. I began “adult life” as a nurse and continued this ‘red penning’ of all sorts of communication that would circulate around my old workplace. Policies with the odd typo, grammatical errors and even the dodgy photoshopping in staff newsletters. I thought I can do this and do it better. I fell into communications when the twittersphere and social media in general was bubbling. I am forever learning, whether it be from my colleagues, other professionals or a little bit of self-teaching.

Who’s your communication hero/mentor?

He’s fictional – J.D Salinger’s Holden Caulfield from ‘Catcher in the Rye’. I love his way with words. I like how you can relate to the character, he’s blunt, and you know where you stand. Either you found him a kindred spirit in your youth – like I did. Or like a lot of people you find him a teenage whiner. The way Caulfield (Salinger) expresses his emotions and opinions on others in such simple language is masterful.

Which tools can’t you live without?

Pen and paper. I can be overwhelmed with information so it’s good to jot it down in my own words. And of course my iPhone – I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed without this magical device. I love the synced calendars too.

What are the biggest challenges in your role?

Pretty much everyone procrastinates from colleagues to clients to me, and everyone feels they do not have enough time to finish the things they start. So being organised, keeping people in the loop and tracking people’s progress so we don’t miss out on any opportunities is critical.

Which campaign do you most admire?

I love beautiful campaigns like the Dove campaign for real beauty. It was great in the glossy mags and on the TV. I can’t help but feel a little bit nostalgic and emotional when Qantas plays ‘feels like home’ in the background.

What’s been the biggest change to communication/marketing/public relations since you began your career?

People talk about the digital disruption and its huge effect on our economy. I guess this had actually helped me in my job by creating work and brand new opportunities.

What quality do you look for in your communication colleagues?

They are committed, contagious (in a good way) and adaptable.

What’s your favourite brand?

Now I’m not the active wear type, but I have a massive appreciation for Nike. Nike managed to enter the sporting industry successfully and continues to have success in the world of fashion. Their logo and brand have a huge effect on buyers and they keep pushing the boundaries with their design and innovation. And to think that a student got paid $35 for creating a “swoosh” all those years ago…

What book/blog do you think every communicator should read?

I regularly scroll through Social Media Examiner. It’s simple, clean and has some great insights.

Finish this sentence: ‘Communication is…’ Being clear in the outcome you would like to achieve. And listening. Basically.. talking to your friend, colleague etc. and making sure you listen.

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