Continuity with change

Just days after his “It’s a great time to be an Australian” slogan came under fire, Malcolm Turnbull has a new three-word slogan, and it is already creating controversy.

How important can a slogan be? Well, a good slogan can take a campaign to new heights and a bad slogan can have you running a mile!

Malcolm Turnbull said “continuity” and “change” several times in press interviews on Tuesday morning.

The PM was attempting to distance himself from Tony Abbott, who had said earlier in the week that the coalition was “running on the record of the Abbott government”.

In response, Mr Turnbull attempted to suavely say that the Coalition was both a product of Abbott’s policies and of his own government’s new agenda. He attempted to summarise that in three words: “Continuity and Change”. Oh dear.

Nothing new here, you would think. Political slogans aren’t exactly groundbreaking territory. However, this last-minute slogan has been used before. Oops. For satirical purposes only! It was plastered on the side of a bus in the HBO comedy ‘Veep’.

Veep actor Timothy Simons wrote: “A heartfelt thanks to the truly clueless US / World politicians providing us with so much free publicity.”

Turnbull and his party like it or not are a brand. They have a public following and should therefore be careful, like any brand on how they represent themselves.

The two words alone would sound great in a campaign. But used together they contradict each other – Oxymoron?

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