Creative caffeine for communicators

Caffeinated Classrooms provide opportunities to build connections and creativity.

In 2020, the Caffeinated Classroom: Beyond the Zoom was hosted by chief communicator Jack Walden and chief collaborator Vanessa O’Hanlon.

Communicators from around the world explored a collection of topics including:

  • Around the World via Zoom with:
    • Hong Kong: Slavica Habjanovic, Communications Manager Asia, Hassell
    • France: Michael Short, journalist, academic and communicator
    • USA: Murray Nossel, Founder and Director, Narativ
    • New Zealand: Anna Dean, Co-Director, Double Denim
  • Communication lessons from the 2020 US presidential campaign with Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Sara James
  • Unlocking the power of the Zoom studio with Australia’s Queen of Travel, Catriona Rowntree
  • Caption and release: The state of social media in 2020 with Award-winning social media educator, Dr Karen Sutherland
  • Communication challenge with Good on You Co-Founder, Sandra Capponi

The day also included C-word challenges.

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