There’s nothing like Au-stray-li-yah

Tourism Australia launched their new campaign this week to a mixed reaction. Some say the ad shows Australia and its people at their best with a catchy tune, while others argue that it’s embarrassing and bogan with a poorly chosen song. The song itself may come under scrutiny from Disney as the melody bears similarities to the Mickey Mouse Club song. So much for getting an advertisement with longevity if that’s the case.

Tourism ads are more widely criticised than the Olympic uniforms for our sports stars. At the c word, we just wish they would opt for a more simple approach with a classic tune.

The visual images for the current ad are quite beautiful and diverse. However the song… that’s another story. Let’s take the approach that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Looking back at the 1984 Hoges campaign was a nice little trek down memory lane. What worked about this ad is its simplicity and its star appeal. Remember Paul Hogan was pretty big in the States thanks to Crocodile Dundee. Yes, the language is a little naff but it made me giggle. Do you remember this gem?

It appears organisations like Qantas and even Network Nine (back when they were still the one) do a better job of showcasing Australia without the cringe factor. The Qantas “I Still Call Australia Home” ads are timeless – great song, great visuals, ridiculously simple concept. We all know what they look like so no need for a reminder here.

One ad that stuck in our memories was a 1999 Network Nine promotion using Gangajang’s “Sounds of Then (This is Australia)”. The simplicity of the concept and longevity of the song doesn’t really date the clip. Only thing that does is the Nine talent – spot Don Burke, Kerri-Anne and good ole Ray Martin.

What do you think of this one?

Wonder how long the latest campaign will last before they try another? When Tourism Australia does attempt another campaign, please use a classic song. We have great music in this country. Let’s use it.

So what song would you choose to represent Australia?


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