Closing comment – Friday 12 April – Chapter closes on Britain’s first female PM

“I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.” – Baroness Margaret Thatcher

It’s hard to argue that Britain’s first female Prime Minister, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, or the Iron Lady as she was known, ever struggled to get her own way. Well perhaps just on occasions.

Even in death, controversy continues to follow her and she continues to divide public opinion. One will never know her thoughts about the final plans for her funeral, but one can be assured if she was still alive, she’d have an opinion.

Throughout her political career Thatcher navigated a number of challenging issues from education reform to taxation and welfare to unions to war, and led the Conservatives to victory in three successive elections.

Time and time again she drew on her upbringing as a grocer’s daughter in an attempt to demonstrate a connection with the issues facing her constituents. She would often use the household shopping list as a way to talk about economic issues.

In terms of communication, she is described as one of the founders of modern political communications. The campaign “Labour isn’t working” under her stewardship helped win the Conservatives the election.

She worked closely with Saatchi and Saatchi to develop a series of compelling advertising campaigns. She also used the media to get her message across and became well versed in many of the presidential style campaigning tactics we see today.

In fact, it was her long-time media advisor, Timothy Bell AKA Baron Bell, who made the formal announcement of her passing on Monday.

Australian journalist George Negus will attest to her feisty media appearances. He interviewed her in the 80s and she didn’t let him get away with anything.

When talking about her media performances, UK journalist Elinor Goodman said: ’She used her eyebrows as quotation marks in case you didn’t know what the soundbite was’.

Whatever your political leanings or personal opinions of Baroness Thatcher, the scale of her impact on society is undeniable.


Jack and the c word crew

Closing comment – Friday 17 August – Cosmopolitan commiserates, comments cause concern and cooks celebrate centenary of Childs

There have been no slow news days in Australia or around the world this week. Here are some of the headlines re-created to start with c-words:

C-words aside, it’s certainly been a week to indulge in a little ‘24/7 news’ and sit back and absorb all that is happening around the world from the end of the Olympics to the controversial decision by Ecuador to grant Julian Assange political asylum.

The US Presidential campaign reached a new milestone with the announcement of Mitt Romney’s running mater, Paul Ryan. The campaign will certainly start to heat up and I’m sure we’ll see more “Romney Girl” style attack ads from both sides.

While political enthusiasts celebrated the campaign milestone, cooks around the world celebrated what would have been the centenary of TV cooking sensation Julia Childs birth. PBS have been celebrating all week with a dedicated #cookforjulia website and some fantastic recipes and content.

In the same week, fans and staff of Cosmopolitan marked the death of former editor Helen Gurley Brown. She was the editor of Cosmopolitan for three decades and died at the age of 90 but according to reports “…parts of her were considerably younger”.

Closer to home, we have been working closely with our clients and colleagues to understand the implications of the Advertising Standards Board decision last week, which found a brand’s Facebook page was an advertisement. We are currently reviewing a wide variety of information on the topic and will be bringing updates to our clients and colleagues shortly.

And yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down its decision on plain packaging for cigarettes in Australia and the Federal Government was able to celebrate a huge victory for the health of our nation.

Enjoy your weekend and look out for what I’m sure will be bumper editions of the weekend papers and news programs.

Ciao from Jack & the c word crew